About Us

With over 30 years of combined experience in the residential real estate industry, we know a thing or two about what it takes to create a successful joint venture partnership! JV America focuses on four levels of expertise: Risk mitigation, Asset Management, Asset Protection and The Exit Strategy!

Risk Mitigation

Tenant Screening: Credit, Employment & Background Check

Rent Payment Guarantee: Up to $3,000 in covered mortgage payments if tenant defaults on lease

Security Deposit Program: Up to $2,500 in repairs in addition to tenants security deposit for make ready repairs

Vandalism: Insurance coverage for any malicious damage above and beyond security deposit coverage and security deposit

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Asset Management

ManagementNetwork of Nationwide Property Managers Specific To Your Area

Quarterly Property Inspections: To make sure property is in compliance with maintenance and repairs, according to tenant lease

Home Warranty: To cover any and all mechanical systems within the house, including appliances11

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Asset Protection

Litigation Insurance: Up to $500,000 per occurrence

Property Trust: Shield assets from attorneys and debt collectors to avoid frivolous lawsuits

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Exit Strategy

Tenant Intends to Purchase: Covering Short and Long Term Solutions

Rent to Own Training Module: Jv America conducts training course for tenant / buyer including credit repair, consulting with a mortgage lender and creating a long term plan for future purchase

Purchase Price: JV America pays 90% to 95% of appraised value of property, on a case by case basis.

Tenant /Buyer Replacement: Jv America will replace tenant / buyer with a new tenant / buyer if first tenant / buyer changes their minds about purchase until the property is sold.

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Tenant Intends to Purchase the Property


Payments if Tenant Stops Paying


Ready Repairs

We Cover All Maintenance and Repairs During Lease

Asset Protection Against
Frivilous Lawsuits and Debt Collectors